Wacky on the Junk is now available

Praise for Wacky on the Junk
“Kathy Varner’s freewheeling memoir Wacky on the Junk
takes readers on an engaging and spirited journey fueled
by sugar (and a few other substances) and told with heart.
If you came of age in the era of Wonder Bread and the
Grateful Dead, this book speaks your language—and if you,
like Varner, feel you were airdropped on the Island of Life,
Wacky on the Junk might just have some of the survival
tools you need.”
— Anne Sofee, author of Snake Hips: Belly Dancing
and How I Found True Love
“…an honest and candid account of a young woman’s
coming of age… Kathy shows just how positively one can
turn a seemingly hopeless life around and become a more
complete person, by pure depth of character or simply
growing up and seeing the error of one’s ways. Thought-

provoking and refective…”

—Matt McAvoy, author of Granjy’s Eyes, Kill the
Witch!, Clouds, and The Black Line


Includes Shipping


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